Real estate companies and property managers need an easy way to complete contracting, onboarding and manage monthly lease payments. The Singular BillPAY APIs built into a custom Payfac-in-a-Box™ integration make this an easy process for your developers and your users who need to pay bills. Our system includes the ability to settle into different DDAs if each property, or set of properties, is tied to their bank account. By providing the raw processing data back to you as the software developer, it allows you to AUTOMATE memo posting and updating of financial and accounting reporting to your property manager. This reporting functionality also cuts down on the expense of year-end accounting at tax time.


We understand that healthcare payments acceptance and processing are complex. The dynamics between patients paying insurance co-pays, and deductibles along with a variety of other bills, makes the need for a fully customizable suite of APIs that can be integrated into your practice management system vital. We also understand that some patients will still need to be sent traditional mailed paper statements and may want to pay by check. Our Singular BillPAY suite of APIs can also generate paper invoices from your custom bill roll and send them on your behalf; cutting down on your hands-on time and the chance of errors. Also, invoices can be sent via text, email or phone through an IVR system and paid the same ways.

Our electronic payment API/SDK will allow you to customize the workflow you want to bring to your practitioner-client or health system. To allow for text to pay tied to your scheduling module, you can tie to a reminder, and our application allows for the scheduling of the payment and a recurring type payment plan, so literally whatever your workflow you can consume our API at the places in the process where payments need to be taken/collected. This obviously can save on a huge cost of printing, mailings and reporting collection of checks or payments made on those invoices generated.

The other big change in the space is a lot of Hospital System M/A, so there is more disparate Practice Management which causes fragmented accounting systems and reporting. Automating reconciliation of payments allows for more accurate and quicker financial data to be made available to the CFO and other business stakeholders on the healthcare system side.


Utility providers across the country need to be able to offer faster, more secure and easier ways for customers to pay. Our system includes the ability to setup recurring payments, tokenization for stored cards and ACH on file. Utilizing Payfac-in-a-Box™ also removes you, the utility provider accepting payments, from PCI scope requirements which are a frequent concern. And we include portions to add convenience fees to your billing.


Government agencies and local municipalities need to offer integrated, secure payment options to accept payments for a variety of services. Our solution includes recurring payments, tokenization for stored cards through a virtual wallet, ACH on file, and it is all setup through our secure iFrame portal which removes the government agency from PCI scope. Also, included is the option to add convenience fees for these electronic payment methods. Customers can also request an emailed payment receipt for their security and peace of mind.


Payments in the transportation sector are outdated, with many businesses until utilizing
traditional mailed invoicing and net terms to collect payment. This means there is a lot of growth and need for an integrated electronic payment processing solution to meet the needs of this space. Automation and workflows that allow for a simpler, more secure and faster way to get paid will drive major growth in the transportation section in the years ahead.


The transition from print and TV/radio in many sectors to primarily online advertising and
media placements has left a place for payments integrations to be implemented in a big way. Our solution allows total custom configuration to your payments workflows in a secure, simple manner that everyone you interact with will come not just to appreciate but expect.


Insurance is still largely unregulated when it comes to monthly/recurring premium payments and the push to more secure electronic payment options has become a top priority for insurance carriers nationwide. Tighter integrations with more custom features, recurring billing or auto payments via a virtual wallet, and the ability to pay by text, mobile device, email or phone (IVR) are becoming a must-have for insurers to compete for consumers attention and loyalty today. The savings from moving to fully electronic payments can also become a big benefit that is then passed down to customers to compete in a perpetually competitive landscape where every penny saved counts.


Direct sales organizations are growing like crazy and are being driven by a low cost of customer acquisition and the need for everyday people to make additional income. A variety of disparate payments platforms like Square, local banks, Stripe, or PayPal have offered high-cost payments integrations or just a simple payment page to these organizations to capture their business, but the breaking point has come where a custom, more affordable solution, needs to be implemented. Payfac-in-a-Box™ is that solution. We cut out the onboarding friction of individual underwriting and our APIs/SDKs allow for a configurable onboarding experience and a synchronization between inventory and sales in a tight integration since you can control the payments experience for each of your distributors from onboarding/contracting to settlement/disbursement (how/when they get paid), to reporting/reconciliation inside of the system.