How Payment Facilitation Works for Real Estate SaaS Applications

Property management applications and property management SaaS providers are perfectly suited to integrate with a payment aggregator or PayFac, aka Payment Facilitator, because their requirement for a simple way to process on-going monthly payments is essential to their business model. And an integrated payments solution – such as Payfac in a Box™, easily solves for that need.…


The Cryptocurrency Conundrum Part 1 | What is cryptocurrency and how/why did cryptocurrencies emerge?

The first product that thrust cryptocurrency into relevance and the public conversation was Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto originally designed a solution with one main goal: to develop a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. In other words, an electronic way for one person to pay/transact with another person.  Because of many previous attempts (and failures to create a…

payfac podcast

Payfac Podcast with Ben Kauder

Learn more about the history and evolution of Singular Payments, the Payment Data Systems Acquisition of Singular in late 2017, and how Payfac in a Box™ was born, as industry pioneer and Singular’s SVP of Integrated Payments Ben Kauder sits down with Jordan Olives (Host of Fintech Direct) to discuss hot topics and answers questions about…